Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-DUNN, SSP, NCSP

Specializing in CULTURALLY COMPETENT school psychological services and educational consulting for children AND YOUNG ADULTS (WITH A SUB SPECIALIZATION IN GIFTED/TALENTED CHILDREN)


When children experience challenges that have a negative impact on  their academic functioning and/or social-emotional development, parents often seek the services of a psychologist. Children who experience difficulties with learning and/or interacting with others often benefit from a psychological/psycho-educational evaluation to help determine their educational and social-emotional needs. Psychological and psycho-educational evaluations can help educators and parents with the educational planning of children with special needs.

Gifted and talented individuals around the globe are often credited with becoming some of the most prolific innovators in the fields of science, math, technology, medicine, architecture, art, music, dance, religion/spirituality, engineering, athletics, human rights, law, and many many other areas. Although many gifted/talented people have contributed profusely to the betterment of society, many of these people may not have reached their full potential without the discovery, guidance, and subsequent development of their unique gifts and talents.

Children who are classified as gifted/talented have specialized academic and social/emotional needs. In order for these children to reach their full potential, they need to be provided with the appropriate guidance, services, counseling services, and talent development in order to become the people they were created to be.

Current research in the field of gifted/talented education indicate this population of children are some of the most ill served by our society and schools. The latter is even more prevalent among gifted/talented children from culturally and linguistically diverse populations. Current research indicate gifted/talented children from culturally and linguistically diverse populations are severely underrepresented in educational programs for gifted/talented students in our nations schools. 




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